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Consulting Services for Police & Public Practices.

MBE, SBE, AABE, DBE, SDB Certified

Police & Public Practices Consulting Services

The Bowman Group is an Arlington, TX based minority-owned small business enterprise who provides management consulting services to clients across the world. Led by Dr. Theron Bowman, The Bowman Group team is composed of leading policing practices subject matter experts, known for comprehensives in assessing and providing technical assistance for diverse police departments. We are the premier, sought after consulting firm, learning lab, and thought leader with global reach providing accountability services for clients driven by an authentic, principled need to lead. We approach our work with professionalism, flexibility, attention to details, a collaborative yet clearly defined organizational approach, and respect for confidentiality. Our experience is broad and multi-disciplinary, including police shootings, protests and demonstrations, special security events, consent decree compliance, law enforcement training, public surveying, and monitoring.

Mitigating Risks To Protect Police And Public Investments

Comprehensive Services

The firm’s services extend to assisting organizations in strategic planning, efficient resource allocation, talent development, and budget optimization.

Investigations and Post AR Evaluations

Detailed evaluations following agency reviews, providing actionable insights and recommendations to support continuous improvement and long-term success.

Agency Review

Comprehensive assessment of agency operations, policies, and practices, offering tailored solutions to enhance efficiency, transparency and overall performance.

Litigation Support

Strategic guidance and expert assistance for legal proceedings, ensuring a robust case through comprehensive analysis and specialized insight.

Insurance Risk Assessment

Thorough evaluation of potential risks and liabilities within insurance policies, providing insights and strategies to minimize exposure and ensure comprehensive coverage.

Monitoring Oversight

Specialized contract services to aid in dispute mediation, and enforcement and implementation of consent decrees and settlement agreements, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and best practices.

Grants and Program Funding

Expert guidance and comprehensive support in navigating grants and funding opportunities, facilitating access to vital resources and maximizing potential for impactful projects and initiatives.

Former Chief of Police of the
Arlington Police Department

Dr. Theron Bowman

The Bowman Group

Dr. Theron Bowman’s illustrious career in law enforcement spans more than three decades, during which he garnered immense respect for his leadership and commitment to community welfare. After retiring from his post as Police Chief of the Arlington Police Department, Dr. Bowman has dedicated himself to the mission of helping organizations navigate complex internal and external obstacles effectively.

Dr. Theron Bowman’s transition from an esteemed police chief to a consultant dedicated to shaping the future of public organizations signifies a continuation of his legacy of service. His commitment to fostering transparent, accountable, and community-focused institutions remains unwavering. In an era where the public’s expectations of its institutions are evolving rapidly, The Bowman Group stands ready to assist organizations in navigating this intricate landscape. As the challenges faced by public organizations grow more complex, Dr. Theron Bowman’s consulting firm offers a beacon of hope, providing the expertise and vision required to build a brighter future for communities across the nation.

Why Choose The Bowman Group?

Key Differences


Led by a highly experienced public executive with over 35 years of practical experience and a strong academic background, we prioritize exceptional customer care. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we ensure superior customer service and meticulous work product in a secure environment, serving both public clients at the local, state, and presidential levels and safeguarding their need for confidentiality.


We are renowned for tailoring solutions to our clients' unique needs through custom algorithms and expert guidance in areas such as police reform, accountability, and community policing. The majority of our new clients come to us through word-of-mouth referrals, relying on our professional qualifications and efficient problem-solving.


The Bowman Group brings together world-renowned experts and innovators with a proven track record of stabilizing cities, organizations, and previous war-torn countries. We collaborate with a diverse range of organizations, from small agencies to large municipal police forces, to drive continuous improvement.


We specialize in analyzing, correcting and improving police practices. We develop strategies that help organizations become best-in-class models. We design and develop systems. We conduct special investigations. We train. We meet the total needs of our clients while also providing subcontracting services to our traditional competitors.


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